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My ideal babe is someone who inspires those around her to live their best lives, loving the skin they are in. She values great service & products and doesn't mind paying a premium for these things. She's a "level up" kind of gal, striving to always be her best. She works in the beauty or fitness industry herself, because helping others look and feel their best is what makes her tick!

"I am so thrilled to be a part of a community that cares and inspires women to all help each other look and feel their best. It truly is a sisterhood!"

~ Rachel

"I have been a medical injector for over 7 years now. What brings me happiness is boosting confidence in other women by enhancing what they already have."

~ Sara NP

"There is nothing more exciting than seeing my client's eyes light up after they see themselves in the mirror with that post spray glow!"


Niki Renee

Founder - Naked Beautyhood

Owner- The Naked Beauty

I started The Naked Beauty because I was inspired to do more than what I was able to in the corporate world selling medical devices in the aesthetics space.

I saw two things.

Many practices were struggling with getting people in the door. I saw they had the knowledge but they were lacking either the passion or the sales & marketing know how.

Secondly, after seeing behind the curtain, I realized quickly there's two types of practices. The ones who do the right thing with an amazing following and the ones who will do anything to save a penny, even at the expense of the client.

So, I asked myself, how can I truly give back to help my clients grow their practice? How can I give back to the everyday consumer?

What better way than to BE THE EXAMPLE by growing a beauty business learning what it takes to thrive, sharing my best business tips with practices and giving my spray tanning clients access to the best in the aesthetics biz, taking the guess work out of it all!

My tight network of likeminded beauty babes will allow us to inspire everyone around us to level up, start living your passion and be the beauty are you meant to be - comfortable in your own skin -

Let's Glow!

4205 S Gilbert Rd Chandler AZ 85249

Naked Beauty Luxury Sunless Tanning LLC